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The Egyptian International Publishing Company-Longman ( EIPL) was established in Cairo in 1982 as an Egyptain joint venture company.EIPL is a major publisher of English and Arabic books, in particular ELT textbooks for schools in Egypt. The English language range covers all stages of education, from primary to university levels, and includes vocational as well as ELT coursebooks. More...

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Hello! English for Preparatory Schools is a standard-based communicative course for learners in the preparatory stage, and follows the Egytpian Ministry of Education syllabus for the preparatory cycle.



The materials in this website supplement the Student's Book and Workbook.


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Prep 3 WB, Unit 5, page 16, Ex 2(b): What is the correct answer?

The WB was corrected in recent reprints.

Prep 3, Unit 6, Lesson 4: Is "probably" in the correct position in this sentence?: He probably isn't the thief.

Probably and other adverbs of certainty go in the mid-position. Read more...

How do you pronounce the names "Arne Saknussemm" (Prep 3 story) and "Turgot" (Prep 1 unit 1)?

Please see the online Glossary for the story. Arne Saknussemm has been added. For Turgot, see the audio files for Prep 1 here.

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